Creative Director & Prez.

For me, it all began in 1999, when it occurred to me “ I love what I do”.  Although happily employed with a company who supported and embraced my ideas and visions; I still wanted to try it on my own. Then it happened. While I was considering my future and what I wanted to achieve in my career, I learned of a down-sizing initiative. As time went on and with only a hand full of people left, my day came. Somewhat distraught, I did the only thing I knew how to do,

...get creative.

The very next day I met a person with a concept, we discussed some ideas; that was the day INk. graphic design was born. My career up to this point was a proving ground for my potential. As time passed and my clientele grew, simple word of mouth got my name out there, people were calling me. Soon my days were full, evenings booked, and weekends were spent looking after the rush jobs hitting the press Monday morning,

...it was great.

INk. quickly became more than just an idea. It was an identity, my identity, my creation, my passion. In 2001, I took things to the next level, incorporating my business, and look at us now,

...a decade of design and an exciting new year!

2011: iNk graphic design services are celebrating our first decade
of business!